Reflecting on 2022

A look back on the great, good and not so good of 2022


2022 has seen a lot of good work. 12 completed website projects with Leap, thoughtful career progression, and opportunities taken in pursuit of a higher understanding of working sustainably in the digital realm.

Many of these projects were for wonderful clients like Coast, Blue Meadows and Pala Eyewear. I worked with an old client, TOG Knives, for a time to help maintain and progress their website through the year. But there was also time for internal projects, too. Building a new website for GoodFest, and working alongside Pixelfish for the design, was another opportunity for learning and pushing sustainable website builds.

We also took some time to redesign and build the LEAP company website. Only recently launched. The purpose was to make the site faster, lighter, and have a smaller digital carbon footprint.

We also launched a side project, The Impact Reporting Archive, to support businesses in sharing, researching and finding impact reports from around the world.


This past year has been full of ups and downs. But thinking back, it is an over-arching theme of good things.

I started the year living in my partner’s parent’s house. After selling our previous house at the end of 2021, we were left in a bit of a limbo-like state whilst we waited for a new-build house to be, well, built! We spent 7 months there in total before we got the keys to our new home. What the experience taught me though was patience, as well as gratitude that we had family who were able (and willing) to put us up for that length of time. Needless to say, I was rather pleased when the process was finally complete and we were able to move in.

I feel this year I have spent more time with my own family, too. Getting to see my niece and nephews a little more has been a pleasure. Going on walks around National Trusts, birthday parties, scorching summer BBQs, and getting soaked and splashing in puddles with the small ones. It’s all been good.

I’ve read a bunch of books. In fact, this year I’ve read more books than any other year in my life. Mostly this was when living with the in-laws, or when my partner has been away on film shoots around the globe. But I’ve really enjoyed the time spent reading. Time away from screens, investing in knowledge and expanding my understanding of topics that are close to my heart. I’d certainly like to continue this and read even more in 2023.


It has also been nice to take a break every so often. Escaping to outdoor spaces I love. Spending time in nature and exploring new locations.

Balance is something I am constantly juggling. I guess that’s kind of the point! The modern world makes us feel like we are missing out if we’re not in the room, or away from some other activity whilst taking time for ourselves. I think I am reasonably good when it comes to taking a moment for myself. Yet this year I have also felt burnt out at times, like many other people I know. So in 2023, I will again try and focus on balance across all aspects of my life.

As I already mentioned, I read a lot this year. A few books that helped me with balance were; Do Breath by Michael Townsend Williams, Into the Forest by Dr Qing Li, and The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking. All well worth a read in my opinion.

I have also moved more. As in physical movement. I exercised more this year than in 2021. Spurred on by both wellbeing, preparing my body for time in the mountains, as well as doing my part in a virtual cycle from Bristol to Busanga to raise money for charity. In the latter part of the year this has tailed off a little, but it is certainly something I want to continue and do more of.

A final reflection

I have always been quite a reflective person. So this process isn’t really new to me. Writing it down though is something new. Sharing it publicly – also new. I believe it is an important part of growth. You need to reflect on where you came from in order to know where you are and think about what is next. This post isn’t some enormous diary entry. There were plenty of other things that happened. I had Covid. Twice. I attended multiple events, including the Blue Earth Summit. I joined another lovely small community of like-minded folks pushing for low-carbon digital. So much happened this year. This post is just a snapshot.

I have enjoyed this process. Writing a bit more. Sharing. Perhaps there should be a little more of this. Perhaps I should make more of my own blog. Especially with Twitter’s sad and slow destruction. Who knows. If you made it this far through, wow. Either you don’t have much else to read or you’re more interested in my life and thoughts than perhaps I realised. Thank you. If I’m the only one who makes it this far, then so what.