Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis. WordPress developer and Creative Technologist

Hi there!

Nice to meet you. My name’s Nick. I’m a Sustainable Web Developer and Creative Technologist based in Bristol in the UK, working at Leap. I love to spend my time building reliable, modern, and sustainable websites.

I’m passionate about the little things in life. I love to listen to people’s stories, sip delicious coffee, and eat pastries.

When I’m not at the computer I can be found enjoying the outdoors, playing basketball with friends, or relaxing; enjoying an old fashioned Whisky cocktail.

Nick Lewis. WordPress developer and Creative Technologist

My journey so far

I started developing websites around 7 years ago. This followed on from a few years of designing for print and web as a graphic designer. I saw the opportunity that building for the web had, and so I decided to focus my efforts here – and have ever since.

I predominantly build with WordPress. Custom building blocks for the Gutenberg Editor, or using my favourite plugin Advanced Custom Fields to build out completely tailored back and front-ends.

I enjoy learning new tools, tech, and methods to make my development the best it can be.

My tech stack

Some of the tools I use on a daily basis

Figma logo


My design tool of choice. Figma makes it easy to design from anywhere. It allows for fast iterations and modern layouts for interfaces.

WordPress logo


The world’s most popular open-source CMS. I’ve been working with WordPress for many years and I still prefer it to other solutions.

Sublime Text logo

Sublime Text

My go-to text editor for writing code. Sublime Text is a solid cross-platform programme that allows me to focus on writing code with little distraction.

Sass logo


I code out my CSS with the Sass preprocessor. Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional-grade CSS extension language in the world.

Greensock logo


A robust JavaScript toolset used for animation. High performance, compatibility, and support across browsers for animating SVG, WebGL and Canvas elements.

Prepros icon


Prepros compiles, transpiles, and minifies files. It’s a great development tool that helps me to focus on making websites perfect, at the smallest file size possible.

BitBucket logo


Version control with Git. I’ve been using BitBucket for years. It helps me to control updates to my site builds, make branches and backups that can be rolled into staging and live environments.

Codebase icon


Codebase was designed for teamwork. I use it to work with clients to effortlessly manage projects whilst tracking changes to code through Git.

Slack logo


In their own words. Slack is where work happens. I use it for all kinds of communications, both for business and personal interests.

Notion logo


Notion is one of those tools that makes work easier. Note-taking, scheduling, Task lists – Notion handles all of it seamlessly.

Let's build something great

Interested in starting your own website project with me? Excellent! I'd love to talk to you about your idea.

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