Static fantastic. How static sites are becoming popular again

Development for the web has gotten pretty complex. CMS’s, build scripts, API systems. There has never been such a large learning curve for newcomers. But, does it need to be this complicated? Whatever happened to creating a website using plain ol’ HTML, CSS and a sprinkle of JS?

Why is static so fantastic?

There are a few simple reasons why static makes a lot of sense.

  • Static is fast
  • Static is secure
  • Static is simple
  • Static is scalable

By removing the additional weight that modern CMS’s can add, a website could be much, much faster. This also goes hand-in-hand with making more sustainable websites.

With no server rendering, or databases to be hacked, static is secure. Though it still doesn’t mean you can let your guard down!

The fact a static site is built using just the core fundamentals of the web, it is much simpler and therefore easier for those earlier in their careers and skill levels to pick up, maintain and learn from.

Is a static site right for you?

Well, it all depends on what your website needs to do. Or better yet, what you need from your website. If you need to collect, store and utilise data from users signing into a system, then static isn’t for you. But, if you need a small portfolio website that only gets updated once every six months, then a static site would be a great idea.

The other great thing about creating a static site over say, a site built with a CMS, is cost. Static sites could be considerably cheaper than a CMS-driven version, depending on the criteria and size of the website.

You’ve decided you want a static site, what next?

It’s simple really. Chat to an expert. I suggest having a pre-written brief to hand so you have some key parameters of what you need to achieve from a website, your budget for design and build, and an idea of the timescale you wish to get the website live.

Want more information about low-carbon front-end web development? Please take a look at my services. If you would like to chat about your potential static web project? Then head over to my contact page and fill out the form with some information about what you’re looking for.