Pixel Pioneers Bristol 2022

A few weeks ago I joined around 200 other people in attending Pixel Pioneers in the centre of Bristol. It was a great day. Though quite a change from the norm, sitting for long periods of time purely listening and taking in lots of useful information, it was a very enjoyable day. From meeting new people to seeing others who I had only ever interacted with online previously (thanks to covid).

A few notable highlights

Learning more about accessibility from Léonie Watson. The good and bad things the different browsers offer in terms of testing and facilitating better accessible development. As well as more information about the process of website rendering, and how that can affect accessibility – especially when using screen readers.

Finding out about design tokens. Not something I had really looked into before. An interesting talk. I certainly learned some new things and now understand their use case, especially in larger companies with lots of developers and moving parts to their development process.

Another inspiring talk by Hannah Smith regarding sustainable web development, doughnut economics, and the ethics around decision making. I also enjoyed being called out as part of her talk, citing my work on lowwwcarbon.com.

And of course, learning some nice tricks with CSS from Jhey Tompkins and what’s new and upcoming in CSS from Rachel Andrew.

Spending time away from the ‘office’ to mingle with fellow developers and learn new things was a great day out. I really enjoyed the day, and I’m sure I will be back again next year.


Header photo courtesy of Pixel Pioneers