Saying goodbye to Mountain and Co

Saying goodbye to Mountain and Co

Recently, my partner and I decided we would start shutting down our shared side project, Mountain and Co.

It wasn’t an easy decision. But we felt like it was the right one. It had been some tough times for ‘adventure’ blogs and of course the travel industry as a whole. We simply stopped being able to create useful, timely content amidst lockdowns and restrictions. The pandemic put a stop to most of what we did and made us both think more clearly about what was important to us. We didn’t seem to have the time nor drive that we used to for Mountain and Co.

It was great fun running the blog over the best part of 6 years. We’d met and spoken to some incredible people, both in person and virtually through interviews. We’d seen some amazing places in our natural world and tested some excellent outdoor gear.

But our thoughts and values have changed. There are more important topics to focus on. Like supporting the climate fight and living more sustainability, which includes less travel.

The choice to close down was rather timely, as the domain expires in November of this year. So with that, the site will cease to exist.

It was great fun, but the time had come to move on to new things. For new ideas to flourish, and for once, hopefully, being able to go on a holiday without thinking about reviewing and photographing many pieces of outdoor clothing and equipment.

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