Elsa Selva

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A new low-carbon website build for Elsa Selva, creating spaces to connect for our regenerative future

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  • Low-carbon website
  • Sustainable development
  • WordPress
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The brief

Elsa approached me looking to launch a new website for her business. Elsa was already working with a designer on the branding, and was initially looking for some consultancy on the web design in order to create in a low-carbon way. Alongside the design consultation, I was brought on board to build those designs into a lightweight, low-carbon website.

The outcome

I worked alongside designer Rebeca White to ensure the website was not only going to be low in page weight, but also accessible. Using colour combinations from the brand palette. I then built the website over WordPress, a CMS that Elsa had previous experience with.

With every site that I build I like to simplify the admin controls and run a series of optimisations to make it easier to use. I hand-coded the WordPress theme to my low-carbon standards. I built a suite of content blocks that allowed Elsa to build out the pages to the designs. This method also allows the website to be expanded with new pages, without the need for a developer to create new templates.

The website is future proofed and translation-ready. Further optimisations took place once the website was live. These included dynamic image generation for modern image formats such as WebP, as well as caching on both the server-side and the front-end.

The website is hosted with Krystal and uses 100% renewable energy. My work, together with the hosting, makes this website lightweight on both the browser and the planet.