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A campaign site for The Global Coalition for Tech Justice aiming to protect people and elections, not Big Tech.

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In 2024, more than 2 billion people will go to the polls in 65+ elections across the world. It is the biggest elections megacycle so far this century.

The brief

In a second project for Digital Action, Leap were asked to create a campaign website for The Global Coalition for Tech Justice; to amplify the importance of the upcoming Year of Democracy.

The website needed to help bring together activists, civil society, journalists, academics, experts and concerned citizens; to give them a place to learn, access resources, and join the coalition.

With the campaign aiming to stop the spread of online disinformation, hate speech, abuse and manipulation on platforms run by Big Tech – which is threatening democracy and freedoms everywhere – the website needed to be impactful, but very clear for a wide array of audiences.

The outcome

Bold colours, large typography, and a nod to the ballot papers used in the voting process brought this campaign website to life in a very short timescale.

We opted to use the Digital Action website build as a starting block. This way, we already had a series of well built and tested content blocks to start creating page layouts with. We utilised the remaining budget to create a bespoke global elections map, campaign news area, and case studies that highlight those lesser-heard voices.